It is about time to bring connecting dots to the next level. Playing Dots can be absolutely exciting. You don’t just connect the dots to form a box shape but you also play with the computer as your opponents which make it a lot more challenging. You couldn’t be happier to beat the computer in this game. Imagine, human versus computer player. That would really be so fantastic!

The player takes turns with the computer drawing a line to connect two dots either horizontally or vertically. If the player makes the line that completes a box then that player will earn a point and draws another line. Once all the dots are connected, the player with the most points wins the game. The player can always restart the game. Both the players and computer can monitor the scoreboard and updates. If you think that it’s just easy to beat the computer then play this game and test your puzzle solving skills. The trick is to box yourself in and never let the computer do the same.

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