Honeycomb Hotel Ultra by Everett Kaser


Honeycomb Hotel is the ultimate game of puzzles and logical with a sweet theme. Each puzzle, created in honeycomb style is designed to challenge you while having fun at the same time. Your final goal is to determine the placements of the pictures within each puzzle to create the exact path meant to run through each cell of the honeycomb. You are supplied with an abundance of clues to assist you with the determinations that use precise and understandable logic making for a great game meant to challenge your mind.

With over 12,000 puzzles separated into 4000 of small, medium and large sizes in the Ultra version you will find plenty of puzzles to keep you occupied. The largest puzzles can hold up to 37 cells for the most experienced of puzzle lovers. Start training your brain with some fun logic challenges and purchase your copy on several venues including Google Play,Amazon, and

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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