Super Stacker


Stacking can be a very easy task for some but playing Super Stacker will surely test your wit and strategy skills to solve puzzling tasks as well as challenges. The players will need to first unlock the easier stacking levels before they can play complex stacking challenges. Don’t let the shapes fall and make sure to accomplish variety of tasks. The players will need to successfully stack the different shapes. Remember that your stack needs to survive 10 seconds in order to pass your current game level.

This is not going to be your ordinary stacking game because there are different tasks for each level. For example, the puzzle solver will need to successfully stack different shapes and of course  they are free to apply whatever strategy they have in mind. The players can also monitor how much time it took for them to complete each level. This can be a fun game for young and old ones. This is another addicting and delightful game that can help enhance your strategy skills. You will surely love to recommend this game to your friends.

Super Stacker is absolutely an exhilarating puzzle game. You can visit to learn more about the game and play it for free.

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