Cast Flag – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle

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I can’t imagine anyone who likes a puzzle or challenge of any kind not being impressed with this brainteaser.
Being cast metal, it is heavy, strong, fun to hold and an impressive puzzle in all respects. It has a difficulty of 5 out of 10; so should be solvable by anyone who likes puzzles and has a little patience. To take it apart is one challenge, and another challenge to put it together again. The design and movement of the three pieces is tantalizing. It appears to be quite simple; therefore it is not intimidating when first seeing it. That is a good feature for a puzzle if one expects many people to “try to solve it”.
It consists of a lot of twisting, trial and error, all the while thinking that it can’t be all that difficult. Another thing about Cast Flag is that even after one solves it; it is still fun to try to resolve it. It is small, and a good puzzle to carry around and bring out wherever people gather together. After one person solves it, then others will certainly want to give it a try. It is not so simple that after being put away for a while; that one can pull it out and solve immediately. In other words the challenge and entertainment value will remain.

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