Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware



If you enjoy challenging your mind with building games and are searching for a new addition to your android phone, then Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware is a perfect addition to your digital game collection. This is a traditional block game with all the challenges and puzzles for your mind you have come to love.

Using the process of elimination you move and shape blocks to match up large chunks of matching colors. Find the largest set of matching colors if you wish to get the highest score possible. With plenty of levels, increasing in difficulty as you move along you will have hours of fun possibilities in the world of blocks. In addition to excellent game play you will find great 3D graphics and bright, vibrant colors wait when you download your version today. Share and compare your scores with other Color Cube players around the world in the online score boards.

Game is found onĀ Google Play.


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