Gear Planet

Gear Planet was suggested by Ferdinand Lammertink. Ferdinand is best known as the inventor of several Thinkfun puzzles, including Backspin and Port-to-Port and recently Perilous Pipes by Popular Playthings. There are a total of 11 tiles in this puzzle toy and they can turn around the sphere. It features a green gear at the top and a blue gear at the bottom. The gear moves the tiles. There is a gearing and sliding mechanism for scrambling the tiles. The object is to get them all back in order. Experts may recognize some similarity between the gearing of four tiles, and the up-and-down mechanism of Port-to-Port.

This puzzle toy looks like a cute planet of numbers. This puzzle must be quite difficult because you also have to observe the motions of the pieces and the gears as well as the rotation around the sphere. There are also special mechanisms inside. You will surely enjoy playing with this striking puzzle toy. You can purchase this terrific puzzle toy at Puzzle Master.

Thank you so much Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of Oskar’s videos, go to Oskar’s YouTube Channel. Copyright (c) 2013, M. Oskar van Deventer.

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