Love Hate Ambigram: John Langdon

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This Love Hate ambigram is very cool. When you first look at it you see “hate”. Look carefully and you can see the word “love”.

About the Ambigrams

Ambigrams are both interesting and fascinating. Ambigrams are also known as calligraphic design that can be able to squeeze two different readings into identical set of curves. There are many types of ambigrams like that of rotational, 3 dimensional, fractal, chain, mirror image and figure ground just to name a few. John Langdon’s Ambigrams are all fantastic and it could be a wonderful experience to discover and learn more about Ambigrams by checking out his amazing works. His ambigrams are the proofs of his great talent in wordplay and visual art. You can surely find a wide selection of stimulating ambigrams and you’ll definitely love to share them with your friends.

About the Artist

John Langdon is both a prolific artist and graphic designer. He is also a writer and Typography professor at Drexel University. Since 1995 he has taken his visual-verbal meditations and manipulations to canvas. He has been a renowned creator of ambigrams. In fact, you can find one of his notable works in Dan Brown’s best-selling novel, Angels & Demons. He was first of all, an English Major. He has been a freelance logo designer, type specialist, and lettering artist. He also worked in the photo-lettering department of a type house. He got an excellent graphic design education from the pages of art director’s annuals and design publications. He has a brilliant mind to bring together his interests in language, symmetry, illusion, philosophy, and physics. Most of his ambigrams read the same when turned upside down or rotated 180 degrees. There is no doubt that John’s speciality is making abstract concepts through visual, design of words, letters, and symbols. As an artist, he believes that language, philosophy and science are intertwined into the design of words which are manipulated to generate startling illusions.

Thank you John Langdon for granting us the permission to share and post your surreal art illusion.

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