Red Remover


Red Remover is an unlocking game and it will surprisingly test your strategy skills. It is definitely not your ordinary online puzzle game. There are different tasks for each level and the goal is to always remove the red shapes with whatever tactic you have in mind. There are times that players will see other shapes with different colors and they should not fall while the red shapes are being removed. Remember that this is also a fun physics game. If in case the player has failed to successfully finish the current level, he can always retry the game.

The player needs to really think carefully about effective ways of moving out the red shapes.  Take note that this also entails perfect timing of removing the shapes. You don’t just click on shapes because as you play the game, it really felt like removing real objects with your very own hands.

The level of difficulty increase and it will never fail to challenge your puzzle solving skills. The graphics and sounds are cute plus the mind boggling tests of strategy are really superb! Visit the to learn more about the game and where you can play it for free online. This website is one of the best sources for extraordinary puzzle games.

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