Ring Pass Not 2


Pass the challenges of the sorcerer’s rings and you can become a puzzle wizard. Ring Pass Not 2 absolutely rocks, now you can play it in classic, survival and intense mode. The players will need to fit the tiles in the sorcerer’s ring. The player can match either symbol or color to complete a full ring and prevent the dragon from incinerating you. The player will need to accomplish four standard deals in order to complete a level. There are now extra deal bonus tool that will help you go through the tricky rings.

You will definitely love playing with this new Ring Pass Not game. The 3d graphics and music are all awesome. This game will definitely test your puzzle solving skills. The player needs to keenly observe color or design pattern. Let us see how many sorcerers’ rings you can complete and how far can you go in completing the game levels.

This game will definitely test your skills in solving the mind boggling challenges of the sorcerer’s rings. Visit www.kongregate.com to discover more about the game and play it for free. This website is one of the best sources for incredible min twisting games in the World Wide Web.

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