Sherlock Pro by Everett Kaser



For some fun and challenging puzzle fun, Sherlock Pro offers great brain teasing logical with a great theme. Presented with a series of clues, you must determine exact locations of all the pictures within your playing boards. Each puzzle of varying sizes will present you with rows of similar and common pictures such as faces, houses, fruits and street signs which the computer will then scramble. Without showing you the location of each picture, you will be given clues to follow in order to solve each new puzzle. Use your clues along with your skills of logical deduction to determine where each of the pictures has to be on the game board in order to complete each new challenge.

With over 600 unique puzzles offered in Pro and Ultra versions you are sure to find hours of puzzling fun sure to challenge your logical thinking skills. This game is found on Google PlayAmazon and iTunes.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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