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I picked this up as one of a set of three. The others are “Quotable Quotes” and “Life in these United States.”; packaged as “Quips, Quotes, and Quizzes”.
This book is a set of 50 lists of words to test your knowledge. This has been a long time feature of Reader’s Digest. As an Engineer, who considers his “word knowledge” rather minimal, this book was very enjoyable. Each list has 20 words with 4 meanings to choose from. My scores ranged from 12 to 17, and rated as excellent. These little tests made me feel pretty good, but I would hardly consider my skills in word power as excellent. One thing that surprised me was that many common word’s meanings are misunderstood. To add a little spice most lists have one or two words I’ve never heard of. That’s twice, who says you can’t end a sentence with a preposition?
For a taste of what’s in this little book…

What is an Elision?

What is a Metrognome?..a city elf.

There are a lot of one-liners scattered throughout the book.

“A rare book: One that comes back after you’ve lent it.”

If you’ve read “An Exaltation of Larks” by James Lipton; you’ll like the slant of these..
“A raft of survivors.”
“A drive of cars.”
“A pounds of hammers”
to which I would like to add..
An opinion of reviewers.

A great little tome to pass the time while the King sits on the Throne; and I’ve still got two more to go!

This book can be bought on Amazon.


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