3D Sketch of Poking Out Pencils

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I was stunned when I saw this drawing. I wasn’t sure if the pencils were really poking out of the page or not. The shading is excellent – it appears very 3 dimensional. I wonder if I could also learn how to draw like this. Alexander’s sketch has taken the 3D drawing to the next level. It made me curious to know the techniques he used to make the pencils jump off the page.

About the 3D Sketch of Poking Out Pencils

There is no doubt that 3D sketch art is getting popular. This is a kind of drawing that will never fail to surprise anyone who sees it.  The expertise in shading and the idea of drawing pencils that poke out is so unique. This sketch has absolutely drawn me in. It almost looks unbelievable. I can see that Alexander has a great eye for detail and his work shows his fervor and amazing talent in 3D art.

About the Artist

Alexander is a traditional artist and hobbyist. He has been a deviant art member for 4 years already. He belongs to the group 3D Anamorphic Art and he has great interest and passion for drawing.

Thank you so much Alexander for allowing us to post and share your 3D sketch of poking out pencils. If you wish to know more about his fantastic 3D sketches, you can go and visit his website.

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