99 Bricks


The goal for 99 Bricks is to build the highest possible tower using the 99 bricks. The players will need to use the arrow keys in order to move the bricks. Spacebar is for rotate, press C to discard block, 2 hold to zoom out, and P to open pause menu. The player has the control of the brick until it touches the tower. This is a one of a kind brick game because the bricks can fall out.  This is definitely a mind boggling game that will give you excitement and thrill especially when the bricks are already reaching the top.

Both young and adults will surely love this brick game and it can definitely offer extra challenges that will test your wit. Of course, brick game is an all time favorite game now and then. You will absolutely practice staying focused with this game. It is enjoyable and challenging.

This is an awesome game of strategy and critical thinking. You can visit www.kongregate.com to know more about this unique brick game and play it for free online. This site where you an find the most extraordinary puzzle games in the world wide web.

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