Electric Box


Electric Box is a game of getting electricity to reach a target. This is a unique puzzle game that everyone will surely enjoy playing. This is an unlocking game that will test your critical thinking skills. This game will train you and will let you discover what electrical engineering is all about. It is like working with real electrical current because this game will teach you the safe and efficient ways of transferring electricity from one source to another.

There is an inventory, main power supply and target in every game level. The player will need to figure out how to get the electricity from the main power. There are metal wires that can be used to conduct electricity.  When the main power supply is on, it will supply electrical current on the wires. The task of the player is to figure out how the electrical current can reach the target. The items in your inventory can help you solve the problem. These items can help you accomplish the different tasks.

Let’s see how resourceful and scientific you are when it comes to solving problems. Visit www.kongregate.com to learn more about the game and where you can play it for free. This website is the home of the hottest online puzzle games.

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