Epsilon is a physics game that will surely bend and twist your brain. This game will bring you to an experimental sciences research facility. The player can only play the advanced challenges after completing the previous module to access this test. The training modules include basic wormholes, complex time fields, gravity manipulation and advanced wormholes. The player can encounter risks in the game like gravitational loops and photon saturation.

The player can use the mouse to drag wormholes around the edges of the room. Pressing the spacebar can release the orb/freeze the orb after it is released. Other important keyboard keys for the game include X to reverse time, R to restart the level and C to config the menu. This game will bring you to a futuristic world of gaming. The graphics and sounds superbly work to enhance the player’s gaming experience. This game will challenge your strategy skills and will let you apply your knowledge in Physics.

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