Fugitive Chain Metal

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The only thing more amazing about this Fugitive Chain – Metal is that I was able to find it here on Amazon. I first learned of it from two Magicians but had never seen it for sale. What’s amazing about it is that it grabs the attention of anyone who sees it perform. The history of this object is lost in the past but was probably invented several hundreds of years ago possibly in the Mideast, India or China and undoubtedly carried by a travelling Magician or Entertainer. I guess the reason is so hard to find and that it goes in several names like the following:


Tumbling Rings of Antiquity

Magic Chain Tumble Rings

Magic Chain

Drop Chain

Afghan Rings

Probably other names

Fugitive Chain

If you search the net and YouTube under Tumbling Rings, you will find out more about it and even an excellent video on how to make one as well as how it works. Before I could find where to buy one, I actually made several. Finding the rings is the hard part. It can be made of Binder Rings but the hinge is not beneficial and impedes smooth operation. I made mine from Key Rings which result in very smooth performance. I used different sizes but any chain must use rings of all the same size. I used rings of 1″ and 1 1/4 ‘ and plan to make chains using larger rings when I can find them. The larger rings should be even more spectacular. A chain which is composed of 30 rings is probably the best performer but I constructed one using 44 rings and it works well. This is an excellent illusion, trick or whatever you want to call it. It will provide lots of fun, entertainment and above all else, everyone will be amazed and want to know how it works. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.


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