Magnetic Sculpture Block

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Magnetic Sculpture Block is a fun little “executive toy” that will amuse as well as challenge anyone who picks it up. Young or old, rich or poor, smart or otherwise, this “toy” will amuse just about anyone .It is great to have sitting on your desk to play with when talking on the phone. It is particularly useful when you have to deal with someone on the phone who goes on endlessly, particularly if they are whining and not providing any cheese or crackers and you can’t do anything about their problem. The thing I like about this item is that there are no rules unless you want to make some of your own. While the object is to create a sculpture with the little acrobats, there are many ways, some quite ingenious to get them to stand together the more precariously, the better. You can try to see how high you can make a sculpture, many ways you can set them up and even when you figure how to create a particularly intricate or difficult sculpture, you can compete with yourself or even someone, to see how fast it can be done. This particular set has 11 acrobats but if one were to use two sets even more sculptures would be possible. The addition of more acrobats would allow greater heights to be possible but that introduces a greater challenge in that the higher the structure gets, the weaker the magnetic force gets and hence the greater the challenge. Now that you have mastered the building of sculptures with the acrobats, let your imagination go wild. Anything that is magnetic such as paper clips, tacks, nails and bolts, washers, ball bearings, etc., will provide lots more possibilities and challenges whether you use them alone or mixed. I tried coins and found the Canadian quarter, dimes and nickels worked, but not the American coins and neither penny worked. Have fun and next time you get an annoying phone call, use this as stress reliever. Hey, I just found something else neat to do. Take all the acrobats and stack them together, now carefully set them all on the center of the base, holding them together. Now, quickly remove your fingers and all the acrobats will be displayed, fanned out and touching at their feet. Leave them set up this way and when someone sees it, remove the acrobats and ask them if they can set them up like they were. With a lot of patience, they might be successful then show them how simply it can be done. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.

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