The Company of Myself



The Company of Myself is a very unique and mind twisting physics game. There is a character in this game whose attention was caught by a green square. The character is so determined to be the friend of the green square. The players need to use the arrow keys in order to help the character fulfill his wish. Well, the green square is actually a door. Entering into each new level will surprise you with great obstacles before you can successfully reach the new green squares.

Playing this game is like giving your self an endless mind challenge and entering into a world of puzzles to solve.  Puzzle solving is non stop and you will definitely get hooked with this kind of puzzle game. This is a very uncommon game because you may feel responsible for the character in helping him reach the green square.

As usual, the level of difficulty for puzzle game always increases. Not only that, there are also challenges where in the character will need the help of his shadows and working with them is really puzzling. You can definitely enhance your strategy and problem solving skills with this game. Check out more about this game at where you can also play it for free.

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