Tunnel Cube

Tunnel Cube is a unique looking puzzle cube and it appears to be extra challenging to solve because of how it is designed. This is inspired by the handle bar cube where some pieces are connected with the bricks to another with the same color. There are tunnels and handle bars in the inside. If you try to turn one side of the tunnel cube, the other side follows .Therefore the top and bottom of this puzzle cube are connected. However, the middle parts can turn independently.

The mechanism of the holes is to show the bandaging because without these holes, it can really be confusing for the puzzle solver to understand how the mechanism works. This puzzle cube features three shells. The first shell is the block pieces, the next layer is consisting of red pieces and the next layer contains yellow pieces but there are also green parts. Each layer is connected depending on the color of the corners.  Checking out the second and third layer can make you understand how this puzzle cube can slide through and turn around. You can also realize the tunnel effect when you observe the movement of the layers. You can buy this awesome puzzle toy at Puzzle Master.

Thank you so much Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of Oskar’s videos, go to Oskar’s YouTube Channel. Copyright (c) 2013, M. Oskar van Deventer.

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