Zebra Barcode Art

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I find this clever piece of artwork both creative and funny.  I never thought that it would be possible to create such an amazing image with a bar code. Zebra Barcode Art really attracts my attention.  It is such a fabulous idea and a super unique design.

About the Zebra Barcode Art

This is one of the best digital arts that I have ever seen on the World Wide Web. I think that this could be a perfect gift that would surprise and delight your friends or loved ones. I found out that there is a variety of options for buying this print. You can order this artwork design as a canvas print, framed print, art print, acrylic print, metal print or greeting card. Overall, I love the concept of the design and I am very impressed with the inventiveness of Michael Tompsett.

About the Artist

Michael Tompsett was interested with art and design at an early age. In fact, the art class was the lesson at school which he genuinely looked forward to every week. After school and university, Michael had the fortune of being able to continue his passion, working as a senior designer at Conde Nast Publications in London. After an exhilarating 12 years Michael bid farewell to his job in England and moved a couple of thousand miles south to Spain. Michael now dedicates himself full time to his artistic pursuits in the tranquil and idyllic surroundings of a Mediterranean coastal village.

Thank you very much Michael Tompsett for allowing us to share your brilliant barcode art. If you wish to learn more about his amazing arts and designs, you can go and visit his website.

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