Cast News – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle

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Cast News – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle is an excellent puzzle for a lot of reasons. It is beautiful to look at, it is extremely well made, it looks easy, can be a real challenge, unless you understand the principle involved, then it is simplicity at its best.There are many puzzles that consist of an object such as this that are “locked” and the object is to open it or take it apart. Obviously, there must be something inside the puzzle that “locks “the two pieces together. Simply by shaking it, confirms the fact that there is something loose inside. Generally, with this sort of puzzle, balls, bars, mazes, pins, magnets or something is the locking mechanism. My title is a clue. There is a scientific Force involved and the word brutal does not describe it. There are a lot of reviews posted here, actually more than normal for this sort of puzzle and for good reason it is an excellent puzzle and one of my favorite Hanayama or cast puzzles. Many years ago, I had cheap wood and plastic puzzles that used this principle but for pure beauty, construction and durability, this one wins the prize. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.


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