Crossview Helicosphaera Radiolaria Polycystina

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In order to view this stereograph, I used the “Crossview” technique (this means unfocusing your eyes while looking at the object).  In order to observe the screen comfortably, I did this at a distance of about 50 – 60 cm away. As a first timer, I found it weird.  When I do it correctly it makes me a bit dizzy. Over all, it is worth trying because the results are truly amazing! You will know you are successful when you see a third image identical to the first two. Good luck.

About the Crossview Helicosphaera Radiolaria Polycystina

I have learned that this 3D model was inspired by the work of Ernst Haeckel in his Art of Nature. It features the incredible and fascinating illustrations of actual microscopic structures of high scientific quality and aesthetics.

About the Author

Ramiro Chávez Tovar is a professional digital artist. He has experience in scientific visualization such as stereoscopy, 3D modeling and programming. His favorite visual artists are MC Escher, HR Giger, Alex Roman, Bruce Branit, Fausto De Martini and Ernst Haeckel. Ramiro also has the enthusiasm to work with digital art, fractals and generative things in his spare time.

Thank you very much Ramiro Chávez Tovar for allowing us to post and share your incredible digital artwork. If you wish to learn more about his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A Person with Love and Passion for Puzzles.

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