Curly Cube – Brain Teaser Metal Puzzle

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The best way to describe Curly Cube – Brain Teaser Metal Puzzle is to say it is simply “pulchritudinous”!

When I first picked up this puzzle, I was amazed at its pure beauty. I held it, turned it over around and let its shapes mesmerize me. I didn’t know if it was going to be easy or difficult to take apart and reassemble. At first, I looked for something that might be the “key” to unlocking its mystery, but there was nothing readily apparent. I finally got it apart and the only hint I can come up with is in the title of my review. It comes apart in 3 pieces, each of which is a beautifully sculptured piece. It would be very interesting to know how the pieces were cut or if they were cast. It is made of solid aluminum and it will endure just about anything one might to subject it to. I thought that once I got it apart, it might be diabolical in reassembling but it wasn’t at all. The thing that makes this puzzle exceptional is not only its beauty but its apparent simplicity. Whereas multi piece “burr” puzzles will easily scare off novices, this puzzle being only three pieces will encourage anyone to try to put it together. Of all my “disassemble type” puzzles this is one of my favorites. I would not hesitate recommending it for anyone from “novice” to “expert”. On the box the puzzle came in, it said to contact for a solution. I did, it was not available and said was included with the puzzle which it wasn’t. Oh well, the solution is not really needed but it would be interesting to see how it was presented. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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