Famous Bridges

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Famous Bridges Puzzles is a completely free bridge tile-swapping puzzle game available in the Google Play app store, and features amazing pictures of some of the most famous bridges around the world. This puzzle app allows you to enjoy a nice puzzle without the mess and frustration of managing thousands of pieces, while challenging you and providing hours of entertainment.

The beautiful architecture featured in this app brings together structures from around the world, providing architectural lovers with magnificent and beautiful pictures. This puzzle game features some of the world’s most beautiful bridges, allowing you to craft these wonderful structures at your fingertips. You can be the constructor of some of the greatest feats of architecture in the world.

This puzzle game features many great structures that architectural lovers will enjoy. Famous Bridges Puzzles features; the Golden Gate Bridge the Tower Bridge, the Alcantara Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Charles Bridge, the Great Belt Bridge, JK Bridge, Viaduc De Millau Bridge, O’Donovan Rossa Bridge, Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Rialto Bridge, Si-o-se Pol Bridge, Starj Most Bridge, Tower Bridge, and the Wooden Chapel Bridge.

The game is available on Google Play Store.

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