Hashi Bridges



Hashi Bridges is a logical puzzle game that is designed to challenge your mind in many different ways. From the creator of Sudoku, the game is known in Japan as Hashiwokakero. The goal of the game seems simple (although it may not be as it seems), Connect the islands with bridges and by utilizing both logic and skill.

This game is as much addicting as it is entertaining, challenging all of your logic and puzzle solving skills to complete a seemingly simple objective. The game offers four separate difficulty levels, allowing for people of all ages and proficiencies to enjoy the experience. The game offers some unique and colorful schemes to fit your styles and moods – with many more available for download from the android market, including Marshallow (a vivid and colorful pink scheme) and a unique Steampunk theme.

Hashi Bridges is a great way to keep your brain active and can assist in brain development, while improving memory, concentration, and puzzle solving skills. Why not relax and enjoy a game while you work out your brain?

The game is available on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.

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