Imperfect Balance 2


You can enjoy playing in a shape box play field with Imperfect Balance 2. The players need to use the blocks from the shape box to make the colorful blocks from the play-field to fall off the screen. The player can use A or D keys or the left and right mouse wheel in order to rotate the block in 45 degree steps. The player can press the W or S keys and up or down arrow keys for smooth rotation.

The player can get 1 point for every colorful block that falls off the screen and 3 points for each block that is inside the shape box play field. When the players have cleared the play-field with perfect strike, he will earn 5 extra points for that. When the player destroys a colorful block with bombs he can earn a bonus point.  The player can unlock the next level pack with a high total score. The players don’t need to beat every level completely to be able to continue. The player just needs to make as many colorful blocks fall off the screen as possible.

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