Kingkong 1

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I wish that I could have a picture of myself at the top of this tower! This anamorphic masterpiece is captivating and I believe that it will make a very good exhibit for fantastic pavement artwork. Since it is 3 dimensional, it seems to be inviting spectators to a different dimension.

About the Kingkong 1

This street painting for Kingkong 1 looks animated. I have learned that perception, geometry, lighting, color and movement are all significant to Tracy’s masterpieces. She is accessing her instinctive impulses as much as possible. In picking out an eccentric style in which to converse with other individuals through art, Tracy has found an appropriate medium to express what’s on her mind and heart. Most of her works are finished within 1 to 3 days. As much as possible, Tracy sticks to gesticulation and visually reinvention.

About the artist Tracy Lee Stum

Tracy Lee Stum is a world renowned American artist who focuses on creating interactive 3d chalk street paintings. Tracy has partaken in numerous festivals and events in the US and other countries as an invited featured artist where her paintings have won many awards and tributes. Tracy currently holds a Guinness World Record for the largest street painting by an individual. She is also popular for her amazing 3D anamorphic and interactive street paintings. Tracy shows brilliance, superiority and expertise in her work.

Thank you very much Tracy Lee Stum for allowing us to post and share your Kingkong 1. If you wish to know more about her 3D street artworks, you can go and visit her website.

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