The Flowing Castle

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I find the Flowing Castle artwork interesting because it shows that the world is full of possibilities. I can see that the castle has been redefined to show a fanciful idea that will make just about any person smile with delight.

About The Flowing Castle

Chow Hon Lam has used his expressive imagination. His artwork depicts his ideas and visualizations. The clever interactions between elements such as the castle and bats have resulted in the creation of this wonderfully entertaining flowing castle. The print of the Flowing Castle artwork measures approximately 29.7cm x 21cm. Each print is signed and is dispatched in a fine poster tube to ensure high protection on the print.

About the Artist

Chow Hon Lam is popularly known as “Flying Mouse”. He is a trend setting t-shirt designer from Malaysia. For Chow, a t-shirt signifies a plain white canvas on which a story can be told. He is confident that each of his works has something to say and that people are positively accepting it. Chow’s tees have turned out to be very popular and have gained numerous prominent honors. There are thousands of individuals who have bought t-shirts featuring one of Chow’s designs.

Chow started an aspiration project called “Flying Mouse 365” in 2010. As a way to fulfill the objectives of the project, Chow focused on the work full time by dismissing all different requests and employment offers. There is no doubt that thinking about a unique concept and sketching it in one whole day is a test for any gifted designer. To do so consistently for a whole year, it necessitates a profound synthesis of inventiveness, expertise, tolerance and devotion. Chow also had the chance to make designs for high profile customers including Nike, Airasia Airlines, Lotus F1, MARTELL VSOP, and the Dave Matthews Band.

Thank you very much Chow Hon Lam for allowing us to post and share your Flowing Castle. If you wish to know more about his awesome artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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