3D Strassenmalerei in Moskau für Nike

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I was completely flabbergasted to see the 3D street paintings of Gregor; his works all seem so realistic. The passersby seem so amused and delighted with his works. His masterpieces are all amazing and I really wish to go to have a picture of myself with his deceiving 3 dimensional pavement artworks. He has the power to bring the viewers to a completely new place.

About the 3D Strassenmalerei in Moskau für Nike

You can watch the video to see the hard work and fervor of Gregor and his team in creating such tricky pavement artworks in 3D. Sometimes, there are real objects which are added in the pavement in order to enhance the illusory effects of his works.

About the Author

Gregor Wosik is an artist from Poland and he loved painting and drawing at a very young age. His talent was noticeable very early and he continually developed it through complimentary art studies and training. At the age of 16, he was already able to paint portraits, landscapes and wall paintings. Gregor has worked as a freelance artist. His favorite artists are Caravaggio and Rembrandt. He learned a lot by simply copying the works of his idols. Later on, he developed his own distinctive style in various oil and acrylic paintings.

It was very apparent that his inclinations are painting for large-sized projects and that explains why he loves mural painting and is enthusiastic with street painting. Since Gregor was 3 years old, he already specialized in 3d painting and illusory art on the street. He works professionally as a 3D street artist for many agencies and big companies across the globe, especially for advertisements.

Thank you very much Gregor Wosik for allowing us to post and share your3D Strassenmalerei in Moskau for Nike. If you wish to check out more of his amazing 3D artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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