Alternating Skewb

Alternating Skewb is a skewb version of the alternating cube and as you can see in the video, this puzzle toy looks interesting. You must observe a pattern of movements. First turn to the right, the next turn to the left which can be the same piece and the next turn to the right. This is the correct way of turning this puzzle toy. You can actually take away all the pieces to see and study the mechanism inside. This toy has a mechanism with switch and you can check it out to learn how you can manipulate the pieces. You will also discover how it locks and the proper way of turning the pieces of this toy. Keenly observe the mechanism in order to figure out the best way to solve puzzle.

You will definitely love to see the interesting design of this toy. Challenge your puzzle solving skills with this toy. Dare to see how far you can go and how long will it take you to complete the puzzle. You can buy this amusing puzzle toy at Puzzle Master.

Thank you so much Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of Oskar’s videos, go to Oskar’s YouTube Channel. Copyright (c) 2013, M. Oskar van Deventer.

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