Calvins 3x3x5

Calvins 3x3x5 can be a favorite puzzle cube of everyone. This twisty puzzle features smooth turning. What’s interesting about this puzzle cuboid is that it can shift shape. The solver can create bizarre shapes and it is enjoyable to play. The solver can even make a lot of cool patterns in this puzzle cube. It is also possible to create a cube in a cube in it and a cube in a cube in a cube. This is really an amazing twisty puzzle. The solver can definitely have a lot of fun playing with this cuboid. Once you scramble it, you will just need to scramble it in shape shifting moves, this puzzle cube may create strange and messy look. It is not too hard to solve this puzzle cube so it is recommended for newbies. This twisty puzzle can be rated 5 stars and it will surely bring delight to its solver.

The solver can develop new mental skills when playing with this puzzle cube. It is great to challenge the brain with this puzzle cube because it can help boost the physiological functioning of the brain. Try playing this twisty puzzle, dare to play and get out of your comfort zone so you can stretch the muscles of your brain. You can purchase the Calvins 3x3x5 at Puzzle Master.

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