Curvy Copter Plus

Playing the Curvy Copter Plus means stepping up to the next level from the Curvy Copter. This twisty puzzle is slightly unbandage so it is possible for the solvers to create more moves. This puzzle cube also features an angled design which causes peculiar shapes when jumbled. The size of this puzzle cube is 5.7cm x 5.7cm x 5.7cm. It is made of ABS material PVC colored stickers Black plastic color. This puzzle cube has resemblance to the Crazy Comet puzzle that was created by Oskar van Deventer. There could be enticing and stimulating face pattern. One of the best improvement for this puzzle cube is better jumbling experience that the solver can get. Making turns in this puzzle cube is less forced. It can be super challenging to solve this terrific twisty puzzle as it can create complex shapes.

Playing with this twisty puzzle can surprisingly calm the mind while keeping the brain active. In fact, Focusing attention on solving a puzzle can help keep the solver’s anxiety at bay and keep emotional side controllable. There could be many advantages that the solver can get from this puzzle cube especially when it comes to improving the cognitive skills. This twisty puzzle can actually serve as a mental aerobic to the brain. The solver can enhance the logical thinking, speed mental solving, concentration and practice hand-eye coordination.

You can purchase the Curvy Copter Plus at Puzzle Master.

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