Cut Chair

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I find this Cut Chair astonishing.  I was stunned because my mind tells me that it is impossible to stand on such a sliced chair. How is this artwork made possible?

About the Cut Chair

The Cut Chair looks as if it has been mysteriously separated. Peter tries to show through this tricky structure, that the brain recognizes shapes and images. The brain is attempting to assemble them like a jigsaw puzzle, detailing that which isn’t there to that which is conceivable. 2d figures are subconsciously deciphered as 3d figures despite the fact that they can’t exist.  This structure of illusion has a plate that is hidden by the thick carpet which allows for a robust cantilevered seat. There are also three well placed leg stumps. The chair was designed to appear as though it has been magically cut apart.

About The Author

Peter Bristol endeavors to come up with concepts that shouldn’t exist and make them come to life. Architect Peter Bristol has a portfolio website. His work combines structure with purpose in interestingly suitable ways making items that are advanced and distinctive. Peter is presently a creative director at a Seattle-based product development consultancy Carbon Design Group. Parallel to his work at Carbon, Peter works together with great partners to make furniture, lighting and many other kinds of products.

Thank you so much Peter Bristol for allowing us to post and share your Cut Chair. If you wish to know more about his optical illusions, you can go and visit his website.


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