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1. “Everything about the game is upbeat and friendly” Pocket gamer

2. “Idol Words is a fun and addictive game that will satisfy word puzzle fans” Entertainment Focus

3. “Ridiculously addictive” Key 103

Idol Words | Word Find Game is for sure one of best word puzzle games that I have tried in last month or 2. This game has such a beautiful design you just enjoy by looking. It has a very interesting and playable interface (you will not have any problems and bugs while playing this monster puzzle maniac). Main task in this game is to find all the words that you can on each level. In order to reach the next level, you need to find all the words, more words means more levels, more levels means more flips, more flips means more POINTS! If you love word puzzles you must try this one out, it’s free for download and you have the link below.

Here are some of the game features:

1. Amazing game experience!

2. Beautiful graphics.

3. Great time killing game!

4. Interface has such a great design!

5. FREE for download!

Just visit for free demo download link. Give this game a try and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Go players, enjoy!

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