“Sacred Quetzal”, Guatemala

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I am always fascinated with 3 dimensional pavement art. I am intrigued by this magnificent work by Eduardo Relero. I can sense movement in his work – it is not just about catching people’s attention. This pavement artwork seems to invite the viewer or passerby to interact.

About the “Sacred Quetzal”, Guatemala

This spectacular 3d artwork by Edward Relero was created using the art of anamorphic illusions. I have learned that anamorphosis is an ancient technique that is still being used today by many artists around the world and it is considered by many individuals as a novelty in art. Anamorphosis is also the 3D art’s heart and soul. It is the projection of objects in such a way that they can have depth which they couldn’t obtain in any other way.

About the Artist

Eduardo Relero is a 3D street artist from Argentina. Eduardo has created optical illusions around the world and that includes his popular giant feet sticking out of gaping holes in the ground. Eduardo started his painting career on the streets of Rome in 1990 and has also made spectacular murals in Germany, France, Spain and America.

Thank you very much Eduardo Relero for allowing us to post and share your Sacred Quetzal. If you wish to check out more of his 3D pavement artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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