V-Cube 3

The V-Cube 3 comes in pillowed and flat shape. The pillowed V-Cube 3 is incredibly smooth to turn and you can move the cube layers easily. When you try to mess up the cube, you will notice that it is like having a spring inside the cube. You can practice solving this puzzle cube so your hands can get used to it. On the other hand, the flat V-Cube 3 looks better to turn and move as to compare with the pillowed one. This puzzle cube is also more preferable for practicing speed solving. You can take away the parts of both pillowed and flat V-Cube 3 so you can compare the edges and corners.

The idea for playing the V-Cube 3 is to scramble it and solve it back to its original arrangement. Sometimes the cube parts may suddenly fly out from the cube so this is definitely not ideal for speed cubing. It will surely surprise you when this cube suddenly explodes. When you take a look at the mechanism of this puzzle cube and observe it, you’ll find out why the parts can easily fallout from the cube. Playing with this cube puzzle can test your patience and persistence. This twisty puzzle can give a good exercise for your brain to keep it active and fit. You can purchase the V-Cube 3 at Puzzle Master.

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