David’s Gear Cube

David’s Gear Cube is a geared twisty puzzle which shares the same concept with the Gear Cube. It was created by David Tzur who is popularly known as Alex Polonsky and was later on developed by Oskar van Deventer, who is one of the most genius puzzle creators in the planet. This twisty puzzle features a corner and center turning gear cube with a twisty 2x2x2 cube. It can be easy to get back the puzzle to its original cubic shape. However, it is quite a difficult to get all gear segments to their right face. Just take a look at its complex design, it is quite overwhelming for beginners. Solving this puzzle can definitely blow the solver’s mind. All the cube parts appear to move simultaneously as the solver tries to make turns in scrambling and solving this twisty puzzle.

While the solver plays this puzzle cube, the brain is stimulated by the challenges. Just like any other kind of twisty puzzle, it can help boost the brain activity. The solver can also get away from boredom and this puzzle cube can even get emotional satisfaction which comes from successful completion of the puzzle challenge. Aside from powering up the memory and speeding up the problem solving skills, playing with this twisty puzzle can also help enhance the solver’s concentration. Playing with this puzzle cube can be very fun and beneficial for the brain.  You can purchase the David’s Gear Cube at Puzzle Master.

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