Mental Block + Floppy Hybrid

The Mental Block + Floppy Hybrid is a unique and interesting kind of cuboid shape mod. The reason it is called mental bock+ floppy bird hybrid is because of the design on one side of this puzzle. It has X on it which is similar to the mental block puzzle cube and this twisty puzzle also turns like a floppy hybrid cube. Therefore, this puzzle cube is like half mental block and half floppy hybrid cube. This puzzle toy is like some kind of modification of the puzzle cube 2x2x3 and their cube parts move the same way. You have to kind of wrap your mind around what pieces to move and where it goes and the shape shifts in different stunning forms.

This twisty puzzle is ideal for both beginners and professionals in solving puzzle cubes. Playing with this puzzle cube can be included in your personal brain fitness program. The benefits that the solver of this puzzle cube can get includes improvements of short and long-term memory, visual-spatial processing, logical thinking, math skills and speeding up of problem-solving. Puzzles can affect the brain in a very good way. This twisty puzzle is very good in powering up both perception and cognition of the solver. This puzzle cube can provide a good mental exercise which helps the brain to restructure and fortify itself, the imagination and creativity skills of the solver will also remarkably improve.

Thank you Kenneth for allowing us to use your videos.

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Copyright (c) 2013, Kenneth Brandon.

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