Rube Goldberg: Inventions!

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Finding Rube Goldberg: Inventions! book was a real treat. I haven’t seen much of his work for a long time. Little wonder, since Rube died in 1970. Goldberg is a national treasure, not only for his inventions, but also for many other art forms. He graduated as a Mining Engineer, did Vaudeville, wrote songs and plays, was in Motion pictures, Newsreels, Radio and TV. He also took up Sculpture at the age of 80 selling about 300 works to private collectors, galleries and museums. He created his own art form and was a resounding success by his early 30’s and remained so the rest of his life of 87 years. His cartooning skills reflected the early years of cartoons where the message was more important than the artwork which really came into its own and exploded after WWII. That is, more like the stuff we saw from Mutt and Jeff by Bud Fisher and R F Outhaul’s Yellow Kid. Generally speaking, after the war, the great change in artwork after WWII became the world of comics such as Dick Tracy by Chester Gould, Terry and the Pirates by Milton Caniff and what we see today in Doonesbury by Gary Trudeau. I can’t remember if I ever saw any of Rube’s cartoons in color and there is no use or mention of color in the book. While he still produced well after color became popular in comics and cartoons, the question remains unanswered. On his website there is a Machine Contest 2005 in color, but it is obviously not his work. Does anyone know if any of Rube’s cartoons were printed in color? Overall, this is an excellent book and does a good job on the life and work of an artist who entertained so many for so long. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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