Skewb Xtreme

The concept of Skewb Xtreme was originated by Tony Fisher. This is actually a limited edition based on the 7-color variant with all the edge stickers substituted by fluorescent orange. Because of the high cost in production, the new German Vinyl labels will be used in the future. This twisty puzzle is a shape transformation of the Skewb. It features big center pieces, the design of this puzzle cube is complex and that is why it looks challenging to solve. However, the algorithms are actually very easy to remember and it is pretty easy to solve. However, the center pieces may fall out so the solver of this puzzle cube needs to carefully make turns. Over all, it is a fun puzzle to solve.

Playing with this puzzle cube can be a very enjoyable pastime. The solver can keep his mind active and as a result, there would be no boredom. The solver can have a way to distract negative thoughts as this twisty puzzle can be a good medium for taking a break from stress and anxieties. By simply playing this puzzle cube, the solver can already engage the mind, stimulate the brain to improve concentration and many cognitive skills. The different parts of the brain are engaged whenever the solver is trying to figure out the solution for a puzzle challenge. Therefore, the solver can reactivate the areas of the brain which have been dormant due to lack of use. You can purchase the Skewb Xtreme at Puzzle Master.

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