Crazy Pill

The concept of Crazy Pill is clever and it really looks interesting. This is a 4x4x6 shape mod and it turns really well. The color orientation of the sides are changing when you move this this twisty puzzle. It is a shape shifting puzzle. The outer layer of the 4X4 core turns really well. The solver can create interesting and fun patterns with this puzzle pill. Both young and old, neophyte and pro can play this crazy pill. It is an awesome puzzle for everyone. This puzzle can provide enjoyable experience and can benefit the brain.

A puzzle a day can keep Alzheimers disease away. Yes it is true, the solver of this puzzle can improve the fitness and health of his brain. The improvement of memory and concentration is possible when solving this fun puzzle pill. Take a challenge to have a brain workout. The most effective and relaxing way to enhance cognitive skills like that of logical thinking and problem solving is to play puzzles like this crazy pill. Take it a habit to play brain stimulating puzzle toys and you will surely increase your mental skills. This puzzle toy can keep the solvers brain active especially when applying his thinking abilities like solving with logic and visualizing manipulation of objects. You can purchase the Crazy Pill at Puzzle Master.

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