Kiss of Chytrid

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This masterwork features a disfigured projection or perception. The Kiss of Chytrid artwork is contorted in such a manner that it is only visible when  viewed at the perfect angle.  When looking into the mirror, the sculpture shows up neither twisted nor distorted. I might otherwise mistake it for a stretched and misshapen lump of clay.

About the Kiss of Chytrid

The photograph of this “Kiss of Chytrid” by Jonty Hurwitz was taken by Niina Keks and Otto Pierrotti. I have learned that Kiss of Chytrid is an example of mirror anamorphosis. Jonty placed the disfigured piece on a plain surface.  A cone shaped or round and hollow mirror is put on the art piece to convert a contorted piece into a three-dimensional picture. As a mathematical sculptor, Jonty was able to create a unique style. He twists a standard 3D figure by using algorithms involving the circumference of a circle as well as the volume of a cylinder to explore and control the object with a selection of software. According to Jonty, visualizing a sphere at the center of the mirrored cylinder is the secret to knowing how such illusory sculptures work. He testifies that hands-on work and human eyes are important to create the perfect effect.

About The Artist

Jonty Hurwitz is an offbeat craftsman. He obtained an engineering degree in Johannesburg, South Africa where he found the precise and hardly discernible difference between art and science. Each of his masterpieces is a study on material science of how we discern space and is the stroke of over a billion estimations and calculations. Jonty has attained various honors and nominations for business advancement, innovation and arts.

On the most fundamental level, Jonty is a craftsman researcher who has great passion for ventures and meeting gifted individuals. Each of the fine arts that you can find on his website signify a piece of what he is. According to Jonty, life is like an excursion and there comes a time when we have to take a break and assess our existence. Jonty takes a dynamic question and projects a picture which we can distinguish as reality, realizing that that reality doesn’t generally exist. His art specialty challenges our observation of reality.

Thank you very much Jonty Hurwitz for allowing us to post and share your Kiss of Chytrid masterpiece. If you wish to know more about his incredible anamorphic pieces, you can go and visit his website.

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