Master Rex is a puzzle cube similar to the Master Skewb, excluding the cuts in this cube which are curved and meeting at the corners of the cube. In all other features the puzzles are just alike. This puzzle cube also has 12 edge pieces, 6 face center pieces, and 24 other face pieces. Forget about the color, the Rex Cube is also comparable to the face-turning Octahedron. This puzzle cube is a higher-order corner-turning cube and it looks very well-designed as it includes some fascinating piece groups. Moreover, this puzzle cube is made from a fine quality white ABS plastic. The idea of this puzzle is to scramble up all 6 faces and then solve it back.

Playing with this puzzle cube can help the solver improve his math skills. A very significant thing to consider about playing with this puzzle cube is the many benefits that it can bring to the solver. The spatial skills will become better, the problem solving, critical and logical thinking are also enhanced when playing with this puzzle cube. Believe it or not but the brain is nourished while the solver is playing with the puzzle cube. It provides a very good exercise that will help keep the mind active. This puzzle cube is a real brain game that will tease and force the solver’s brain to get in dynamic mode. You can purchase the Master Rex at Puzzle Master.

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