Maze Anomalous Illusions

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I find the anomalous illusion in this maze very puzzling. It was indeed mind boggling for me to try and figure out the reason why this still image appears to move. I also find it creepy when a motionless picture like this is crawling across my screen. What totally interests me about this optical illusion is that when I gaze intently at one part of this picture, it becomes static but everything in my peripheral vision still swims with movement.

About the Maze Anomalous Illusions

I have learned that this static image of a maze appears to intensely move in my peripheral vision due to the white shading. The color white activates the receptors on our retinas whereas the color black shuts the receptors off. Nasca Paul designed this optical illusion in such a way that the white and black shading are close to each other which makes the retina flicker between on and off. The brain then interprets the on and off of the receptors as motion. Nasca Paul has definitely created a wonderful and powerful eye trick.

About the Author

Nasca Paul is fond of generating interesting anomalous motion illusions. Paul has extensive knowledge and experience in designing software applications. He decides which software technology works best in solving different kinds of problems and in developing software in many languages like C, C+, Python, Javascript, PHP and more. Paul also writes software using Linux based developing environments. Paul’s articles about the anomalous illusion that he generates are available at io9 website. He also wrote a tutorial available at WikiHow for creating similar apparently moving images.

Thanks Nasca Paul for allowing us to share your interesting Anomalous Motion Illusions. If you wish to know more about his illusion works, you can go and visit his website.

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