New Rubik’s Speed Cube

The New Rubik’s Speed Cube comes with a stand and there are no stickers because the cube is completely tiled. The colored tiles are well embedded on the black plastic. The older version of this puzzle cube is quite stiff. When you try to move one outer layer, the other layers become fused together, it is really tight and this is not ideal for practicing speed cubing. However, this New Rubik’s Speed Cube is incredibly smoother, faster and tougher. This is without any doubt a better version of Speed Cube. You can open up this puzzle cube by carefully taking apart the cube tiles. You can take a look inside of the core so you can see that this twisty puzzle uses a spring mechanism. Don’t worry because the spring is replaceable so you can change the tension inside this puzzle cube as you like. You can screw the spring and reassemble the cube parts, take note that the spring can help adjust the tension.

This puzzle cube can help boost and exercise the area of the brain which is responsible for improving cognitive functioning. This twisty puzzle can provide a brain engaging workout and can even serve as an excellent mental skills booster. The solver’s mind can definitely gain greater speed in processing information. You can purchase the New Rubik’s Speed Cube at Puzzle Master.

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