The Book of Sudoku: The Hot New Puzzle Craze

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I have been keen on all types of puzzles for about 60 years and I really believe this puzzle is going to spread all over the world like nothing we have ever seen before. It first appeared to me only a little more than a month ago and only in one “freebie” newspaper in the Toronto area and in Canada, as far as I know. In that short time, it is appearing everywhere and getting the attention of virtually everyone. It can be done by people of all ages and regardless of language. I predict there are going to be speed competitions and TV shows very shortly. I was in my big bookstore a couple of weeks ago and no sign of any SUDOKU books in the Games section. Tonight, there were 6 different ones. They are all somewhat alike with a couple of hundred puzzles with 3 or 4 levels of difficulty, and a section that gives hints on solving the puzzles. Learning how to do them comes very quickly. Of the several I looked at, I thought The Book of Sudoku: The Hot New Puzzle Craze had a slight edge on instructions. This publisher, “Penguin” has already put out its second book, which is a little better than the first on instructions. It also has a contents page where their first did not. Also different than any of the others, it explains a hint for those real difficult ones where you feel you’re stuck and can’t go any further. It is called the “Ariadnes Thread”. It has a cool explanation of this term and should be helpful. This book, like all others gives solutions at the back. I am not sure they are necessary, as it is obvious when you get the solution and a completed puzzle doesn’t tell you how it was arrived at. Anyway, I still reserve the right to change my mind about that. What more is there to say give SUDOKUS a try if you like puzzles, you’ll probably love them as I do and this is a great book to get you started. Oh Yeah, go look on the Net. A search under SUKODU will turn up lots of good stuff. In addition, I have written reviews on other Sudoku books on Aug 3, Aug 6, Aug 10 and Sept 30. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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