WitEden + Oskar 3x3x3 Mixup

WitEden + Oskar 3x3x3 Mixup can be mixed up like a 3×3. This twisty puzzle can make very challenging combinations when mixed up which can provide the solver with great experience and hours of fun. This is actually a must have for puzzle cube collectors. Any solver will definitely enjoy playing with this wonder puzzle cube. This puzzle cube features smooth turning and this is recommended for speed cubing training and speed solving because the cube layers turns very well. You can mix up and solve this twisty puzzle in many ways. It doesn’t turn just like a 3×3 because it can do other cool moves. The center can slice 45 degrees and then the right layer can be turned. The center piece can even be switched into the edge and vice versa. It can lose its shape that is why it is really fun to solve. There are other mix-up puzzle cubes but this one is absolutely the most appealing. It has less proportion so you can do a lot of different mix ups with this twisty puzzle.

Regularly exercise your brain with this super mix-up cube. The solver’s brain can become more active and sharp. Not only that, the new nerve connections are developed when the solver plays with this puzzle cube and it can enhance memory. You can purchase the WitEden + Oskar 3x3x3 Mixup at Puzzle Master.

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