Krystian’s Skewb

Check out this puzzle toy if you need some extreme brain twisting challenge. Krystian’s Skewb was named before its inventor Krystian Wilisowski. The inventor’s idea was to have this cube puzzle and replace the connection in the middle with a lot of small pieces, some of them are triangle and some are diamond shape. This puzzle cube turns like a skewb puzzle. It is a Master Skewb where the slice layer has some additional cuts. The puzzle is related to Carl Hoff’s Doctor Skewb.

It takes a little bit of a force in order for you turn it. The little pieces in front of it catch a lot. It doesn’t really turn smoothly as other puzzle cube, some parts and little pieces can be interchanged as well. The pieces don’t hook together but they get locked up. The puzzle solver of this toy will just undo his move when the pieces become so hard to turn or move. This puzzle cube can be super scrambled and your mind can really be twisted in solving this puzzle. You can purchase this superb brain teaser at Puzzle Master.

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