Life: Picture Puzzle Animals

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I have been fascinated by Spot-The- Differences puzzles for many years. I have quite a number of books published by various publishers and authors. I have reviewed a number of them here on Amazon.

While there are differences in the approaches taken, I can say that without exception, they are all interesting and challenging. From the simple line drawings decades ago, these puzzles have advanced tremendously in the last several years. No doubt, color and the ability also enhance plus the photographs have given the creators of these puzzles much more ability to challenge us. Another thing about these puzzles is that they can entertain people of all ages. Life: Picture Puzzle Animals is one of the Picture Puzzle books series published by Time. In this book, animals are the theme and all puzzles involve animals with their surroundings in one way or another. The quality of the printing, color and construction of this book is excellent. Most of the puzzles are full page with the original photographs and the altered photograph facing each other. The puzzles are grouped as to difficulty ranging from Novice, to Master, Expert and Genius. There is also a selection of B & W puzzles (Classics) which are also very challenging. Most Spot-the Differences puzzles are one picture compared to another. Here, we are also given another approach where in 6 photos are given and the challenge is to find the one which is different. The amount of differences is indicated as well as a time challenge for finding them. Answers are given at the back for all the puzzles. The answers have a tiny copy of the puzzle picture and the differences are given in co-ordinates. Some books identify the differences by using a larger photo and circling the differences as shown on the cover. I actually prefer this approach as it is easier for the puzzler. However, for the answers, this book gives hints about the differences. The 4 other types of puzzles are also included and where a photo has been cut into either 4 or 6 same size and shape pieces that has been scrambled. The objective is to put them in the proper order. Overall, this is an excellent book that will entertain “novices” and “experts” of all ages. This is a book worth keeping even after completing all the puzzles. Simply put it away for a while and take it out again to see if you can improve the number of differences you can find and the time it takes you to find them. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.


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