Pillowed Hexaminx

Pillowed Hexaminx was originally designed by Tony Fisher and it is a nice looking puzzle. Basically, Hexaminx is just a cubic version of the Megaminx. It is some kind of a shape mod of a Megaminx and it is really a brain stimulating puzzle cube. This puzzle cube changes its shape with the way you solve, it is definitely a shape shifting puzzle when you mix it up. When it really gets scrambled this twisty puzzle resembles the Megaminxs edges and corners. You can try to solve it the way you solve a Megaminx since it also features a Megaminx orientation. The rotational movement of this twisty puzzle is quite good. However, the puzzle parts need to be carefully aligned because the parts can catch on one another and come out. This is due to the sharpness of the angles.

This puzzle cube is beneficial for improving the solvers concentration and strategic thinking skills. It can provide a great challenge to the thinking skills of the solver and it is absolutely fun to play. The solver can use the mind in order to enhance mental skills. Getting a workout for the brain is as valuable as exercising the muscles. Playing with this puzzle cube on a regular basis can improve the health of the mind and boost the mental capabilities of the solver. You can purchase the Pillowed Hexaminx at Puzzle Master.

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